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Leadership. Strategy. Campaign design.  Digital. Community.

About me

I am a senior campaign strategist and veteran communicator inspiring teams to confront challenges threatening life on this planet. My specialties are our climate crisis, renewable energy, food systems, global affairs, senior management, public speaking, nonprofit communications, social media engagement, visual media and digital platforms.

I began my career as an international visual journalist and have since managed several newsrooms of multi-skilled reporters and video producers. I've since moved into digital engagement in a wide array of fields from crowdsourcing coverage of the Arab Spring to promoting environmentally conscious behavioral change through digital tools. I'm a change agent who has often been hired to assist legacy organizations embrace a digital, agile future.

Currently, I am a Senior Global Campaign Strategist for Greenpeace, working on climate change, biodiversity, forest and food campaigns with an emphasis on campaign design, supporter engagement, changing mindsets and digital platforms. Privately, I'm a home solar and electric mobility advocate.

In my career, I've delivered cutting edge reports, compelling videos and global campaigns and projects for Greenpeace, CNN, PBS, ITVS, TechTV, Voice of America, Internews and Huffington Post. My assignments have taken me across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, giving me a deep perspective on global affairs and our precious planet.

Management Experience  Strategy Planning 
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I inspire organizations
to embrace innovative campaigns through passion and leadership

Throughout my career, I've had the good fortune to serve in leadership roles for companies and organizations that believe people are the most valuable resource we have. I love inspiring multicultural teams across the globe and learning from others as much as I try to lead them. High standards, a knack for details, deep respect for others and a self-effacing humor is what I bring to the table.


My favorite experiences have been with entrepreneurial start-ups or start-up divisions that put a premium on innovation, pushing the envelope to tell stories and offer engagement opportunities in brand new ways. My default mode is to take charge of ambitious projects and engineer them for success, armed only with a game-changing idea, a talented team and good old-fashioned hard work. 

I believe deeply in immersive storytelling: using relatable, compelling language and images to trigger something inside that makes average people want to engage. Effective communication is about them, not us. I believe we humans can chart a bold new course to secure a more sustainable planet as long as we challenge the cultural norms of greed, waste and overconsumption.  Through intelligent culture campaigning, we can alter mindsets and behaviors to bring about a whole new world.

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